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Administrative Staff
Description of Functions

1. President

"The President shall be the chief executive officer of the College and shall have such authority as usually is vested in or incidental to the office of president of a college.  The President shall preside at all meetings of the faculty, and shall be the official medium of communication between the faculty and the Board of Trustees and the students and the Board of Trustees."
(From the Bylaws of Hope College)

Major Functions

  1. The President is the chief executive officer of the College.  He or she shall be vested with full administrative authority, subject only to the approval and direction of the Board, in all such matters that ordinarily fall within the province of the chief executive officer of the College.

  2. The President of the College shall be the executive officer of the Board of Trustees and shall be responsible to the Board only.  He or she shall execute directions given by the Board and carry into effect policies prescribed by the Board.

  3. The President of the College shall submit the budget to the Board and shall be responsible for the carrying out of its provisions.

  4. The President shall be the official medium of communication between the Trustees and the faculty, or any individual, or College officer.

  5. The President shall have authority, subject to the approval of the Board, to employ teaching staff and other necessary personnel, to fix their terms of employment and compensation and to prescribe their duties.

  6. The President shall convene faculty meetings and be the presiding officer at such meetings.  The President may vote as a member of the faculty and shall have final authority in the internal affairs of the College and may exercise the right of veto over any policy question which he believes to be not in the best interests of the College.

  7. The President shall have a general charge of the intellectual, religious, moral and social life of the students, and shall be the final authority in cases of discipline.

  8. The President shall be assisted in the administration of the College affairs by the administrative officers whose roles are summarized on the following pages.  The President will be involved in matters of College policy and particularly critical decisions regarding College personnel, property, and public relations.