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Administrative Staff
Description of Functions

2. Chief Academic Officer (Provost)

The Provost is responsible to the President for the total academic program of the College, both curricular and co-curricular.  He or she is charged with the development and supervision of instruction, the selection, assignment, and development of instructional staff members, the improvement of the course of studies and instructional facilities, the maintenance of high academic standards, and the encouragement of campus scholarly activity.  More generally, the Provost is concerned with the welfare of the College, the well-being of students and faculty, co-curricular activities, academic and personal discipline, admissions, and housing insofar as these are related to the educational programs of the College.  In this regard, he or she works closely with other administrative responsibilities for these areas under the supervision of the President.

The Provost has the responsibility to develop an effective organizational structure for the academic administration of the College and for the supervision and development of those reporting to him or her.  See the Academic Administration Organization Chart for current structure.

Major Functions
  1. To direct the planning of the academic program so that it will continue to meet the needs of students; that there will be a faculty of appropriate size and suitable distribution and a level of competency needed to offer it; and that there will exist adequate facilities to house both program and faculty;

  2. To develop, with faculty and staff, programs to realize academic plans;

  3. To develop and administer policies and procedures for engaging members of the academic staff;

  4. To initiate the evaluation of all academic programs;

  5. To define the responsibilities of the persons who report directly to him or her, to coordinate their activities, and to evaluate their performance;

  6. To plan with the faculty moderator the agenda of faculty meetings and preside in the absence of the President;

  7. To act as chief administrative officer in the absence of the President;

  8. To serve as a member of boards and committees as designated elsewhere in this book;

  9. To chair the Status Committee, forward its recommendations to the President, and serve as corresponding secretary;

  10. To establish priorities for securing programmatic and faculty development funds from outside sources, and to work with the senior administrative staff in securing such funds;

  11. To formulate the faculty salary and the academic capital and operating budget requests, and to oversee these budgets;

  12. To monitor, update, and interpret the Faculty Handbook;

  13. To represent the College in the GLCA Deans' Council and other external academic organizations and agencies.

As a consequence of these responsibilities, the Provost is concerned also with academic advising; the maintenance of academic records; the library;  computer services;  summer sessions;  off-campus programs, both foreign and domestic;  adult education programs;  and cultural affairs programs.