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Administrative Staff
Description of Functions

6. Vice President for Student Development and
Dean of Students

The Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students is responsible to the President, for developing a living/learning environment which supports the mission of the College and the personal development of each student.

Major Functions

  1. To develop and maintain relationships with students in order to understand their concerns, issues, beliefs, and questions. To communicate matters of concern to the appropriate person(s) so that the issue may be addressed through programs, policy, or process.

  2. To promote individual development of students personally, as members of society, and interdependently with others.  Such development should occur through co-curricular programs, living environments, student groups, and relationships with fellow students, faculty, and staff.

  3. To plan and coordinate the College's program of student services.  The areas include:

    1. Residential Life
    2. Student Organizations
    3. Social Activities
    4. Counseling
    5. The Health Clinic
    6. Career Services
    7. Multi-Cultural Life
    8. Disabilities
    9. Student Leadership
    10. Special Programs
    11. Greeks

  4. To staff and supervise the offices of these areas and to ensure that students and faculty are fully informed about these services and the personnel and offices where they are available.