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Faculty Personnel Policies

B1: Procedures to be Followed in the Recruitment of Persons to the Hope College Faculty

b. Procedures
To recruit the strongest possible faculty member for each vacancy both expeditiously and effectively, the following procedures have been established:
  1. Identification of Positions to be Filled

    The earlier the recruiting process can begin, the better the possibility of recruiting an outstanding person.  Therefore, at the beginning of each academic year each department with an actual or anticipated vacancy will meet with its dean to discuss the rationale for filling the position and the desired qualifications for the person who would fill it.  Subsequently, the departmental chairperson will submit in writing to the academic dean a request for approval to fill the position, along with the rationale and qualifications for the position.  The dean will promptly review this statement with the Provost so that the department has a response within four weeks of the beginning of the academic year. The Provost will review all requests with the President.

    Possible responses include a decision to proceed to recruit, a decision not to fill the position, a decision to advertise but wait for final decision on hiring or a decision to hold for further information on such matters as the specific requirements of the position, enrollment, or finances. A decision to defer action will be discussed with the department and plans developed for arriving at a decision.

    When a position becomes vacant during the year, the department will submit a statement of rationale and desired qualifications to the dean. A response as outlined above, including the projected time schedule, will be given to the department within three weeks after its statement of rationale and position description has been submitted.

    In certain special cases, a limited search may be authorized. For example, a candidate with extraordinary qualifications may come to the attention of the department or administration outside the ordinary recruitment process. After the special circumstances have been fully discussed by the department and the administration, a limited search will be conducted, provided that the department and the administration are in agreement. The department will initiate the search, following the established procedures as closely as possible.

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