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Faculty Personnel Policies

B1: Procedures to be Followed in the Recruitment of Persons to the Hope College Faculty

b. Procedures
  1. Campus Interview
  1. The primary purpose of the campus interview is to come to know the candidate as a person and to evaluate his or her qualifications to fill the vacancy and become a member of the faculty.  The chairperson and dean will design the interview so that the candidate has ample opportunity to demonstrate his or her abilities and gifts and to understand and respond to the nature and the style of liberal arts education in the Christian context at Hope College.

  3. Normally, all candidates – internal and external – should be expected to:
    1. Remain on campus for two days;
    2. Meet informally with all members of the department;
    3. Have ample opportunity to meet with students (especially majors) in the department;
    4. Present at least one colloquium or performance for faculty and students and/or teach a class;
    5. Meet with the dean, Provost, and President (NOTE: normally only the Provost will discuss salary and benefits with the candidate, to avoid duplication and possibly conflicting information);
    6. Meet with faculty members outside the department;
    7. Receive some exposure to the City of Holland.

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