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Faculty Personnel Policies

B1: Procedures to be Followed in the Recruitment of Persons to the Hope College Faculty

b. Procedures
  1. Conclusion of the Search
  1. After the candidates have been on campus, it is the responsibility of the department chairperson, the dean, and the Provost to evaluate the candidates.  The chairperson collects evaluations and opinions from the department, from other faculty, and from students, and the Provost solicits the view of the President and identifies any college-wide concerns.  Every effort will be made to come to unanimous agreement on which candidate (if any) should be invited to join the faculty.  If necessary the dean will bring the chairperson and the Provost together to explore the matter in detail.  If questions arise during the evaluation process, these will be clarified through communication with the candidate or references.  A decision should normally be arrived at no later than one week after all the candidates have been brought to campus for their interviews.  While the Provost and President have final authority in matters of appointment, every effort will be made to reach a decision by mutual agreement and thus ensure that each person hired has the full support of the department, the dean, and the Provost.

  2. It is the policy of Hope College to conduct a background check before making an offer of employment. This will be limited to checking criminal convictions, felony charges, state and national sex offender lists, and terrorist watch lists. In the event a particular position involves access to large sums of money, a credit check will also be required. The background check information will be ordered and reviewed by only one person designated at the College. The designee will share this information with the hiring supervisor only when it is relevant to the job performance. All candidates will be informed of their right to review the check for accuracy. If the background check uncovers information that is potentially disqualifying, the candidate will be informed and given the opportunity to respond. Results of this check will remain confidential unless essential for the College’s legal defense in a lawsuit involving the candidate.

  3. The department chairperson, dean, and Provost will decide on the terms of the contract, including any incentives to encourage the candidate to join the College.  An oral offer may be made pending the results of the background check. A written contract will be mailed after the background check is complete and cleared through Human Resources.  Issuing the actual contract is the responsibility of the Provost in consultation with the President.

  4. In accord with current budgeting conventions, recruitment expenses come from the office of the Provost.  At the conclusion of the interview, the dean and/or chairperson will submit to the Provost a statement of expenses incurred.

  5. All materials, including the position announcement(s) and dossiers of all candidates, shall be retained by the department.  For candidates who were given serious consideration for a position, i.e. interviewed at a national convention or on a short list of a dozen or so, complete files must be retained for three years.  For those who were eliminated early in the screening process, files should be retained for one year.

  6. When a position has been filled, the chairperson will communicate this fact to candidates who visited the campus and other candidates whose applications are pending.

  7. If a candidate is hired with the understanding that he or she will receive a particular degree (e.g. Ph.D.), it is the candidate’s responsibility to forward official transcripts verifying that the degree has in fact been awarded

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