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Faculty Personnel Policies

B10   Policies Regarding Part -Time Faculty and Coaches

This section applies to adjunct faculty and part-time Lecturers, except those employed solely to give private lessons on a commission basis.  It does not apply to fractional-time regular appointments.  Implementation of these policies is primarily the responsibility of the divisional deans, in consultation with departmental chairpersons, but exceptions will require the approval of the Provost.

  1. Salaries

    Salary determination is based on a formula which includes earned degrees, experience, hours assigned, and number of different courses taught in a given semester.  The dollar amounts for salary base ranges and increments are reviewed and updated annually.  Copies of the current salary schedule and of special computations for non-classroom teaching (e.g., laboratory or studio courses, athletic teams) are available from divisional deans and chairpersons.

  2. Professional Relations

    1. Part-time faculty are included in the distribution list for all general faculty mailings, in the College's printed directory and, after six semesters of service to Hope, in the College Catalog.

    2. Departments are encouraged to include part-time faculty in social and professional functions.

    3. All part-time faculty receive notices and agenda of departmental and general faculty meetings. They are not required to attend any of these meetings, although they are invited to attend, normally without vote. However, adjunct faculty are eligible to vote in departmental, divisional and faculty meetings and to serve on boards and committees if they are assigned at least sixteen hours of teaching for the academic year or if their teaching responsibilities represent at least half of a full-time appointment.

  3. Professional Development

    1. Evaluation

      1. Part-time faculty (as defined in B2a4) should be evaluated for teaching effectiveness after they have taught two semesters at Hope. Instructor evaluations should be administered in at least one course initially. Department chairs can use either a departmental evaluation form or the currently approved instrument for student evaluation of teaching (see B3b1), available from the office of the divisional dean. Following this initial evaluation, department chairs can evaluate part-time faculty as deemed necessary by the chair and divisional dean. Departments have the freedom to establish earlier or more frequent evaluation procedures in consultation with their divisional dean.

      2. Adjunct faculty are eligible for promotion in rank according to the policy outlined in section B3.

    2. Conferences, Professional Travel and Grants

      1. Part-time faculty are encouraged to consult with their chairperson to inquire about opportunities and eligibility for travel to conferences, etc. Because of limited resources, priority will be given to requests for funding in this order: full-time faculty; adjunct faculty teaching at least half time; other adjuncts, part-time lecturers.

      2. To the extent possible, chairpersons or other colleagues should provide advice, encouragement and assistance to part-time faculty who wish to apply for Hope College or external grants.

  4. Fringe Benefits

    1. Part-time faculty are issued a faculty ID card for the semester or year for which they are given a contract. This card entitles them to the following benefits:

      1. Free use of the library
      2. Free admission to athletic events
      3. Free admission to the Dow Center
      4. Discounts at the Hope-Geneva Bookstore
      5. Free parking sticker

    2. Part-time faculty hired before July 1, 2006 are eligible for the tuition waiver benefit (see section B17).

    3. Adjunct faculty are eligible to have the 10.5% retirement benefit deposited to an approved carrier under the INVEST umbrella.

  5. Other Considerations

    1. Travel Allowance: Part-time faculty who must commute more than 25 miles round trip shall be entitled to reimbursement at the standard college rate for the excess beyond 25 miles.

    2. Maximum Teaching Assignment for Part-time Faculty

      1. Only in exceptional circumstances should a part-time faculty member teach more than two courses or a maximum of eight credit hours per semester.

      2. Assignments beyond these limits will require the prior approval of both the dean and the Provost, whereas the dean has the authority to approve assignments up to these limits.

    3. Dates for Issuance of Contracts:

      1. Fall Semester: Normally by August 1

      2. Spring Semester: Normally by December 15

      3. Adjunct faculty will receive a single contract for the entire academic year. This contract will normally be issued no later than July 30.

    4. Dates for Issuance of Paychecks: each contract letter will contain a paragraph specifying the frequency and beginning and ending dates on which paychecks will be issued for that semester.