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Faculty Personnel Policies

B11  Policy on Outside Employment

Faculty members are considered to be on full-time service to the College.  Writing, consulting, performing public service activities and work with professional associations, whether paid or unpaid, are considered to be a desirable part of the faculty member's total load if the following conditions are met:

  1. They contribute significantly to the professional development of the individual, to the strengthening of scholarship, to the recognition of the faculty member in his or her field, or to the reputation of the College;

  2. They are consonant with the faculty member's teaching or other responsibilities at Hope College.

Faculty members may accept outside teaching assignments during the academic year only after consultation with the chairperson and approval of the divisional dean.  Approval will be given only if the assignment meets the conditions stated above (such as teaching advanced courses not offered at Hope), or fulfills the emergency needs of another institution.  Commitments for any other outside employment during the academic year must be approved also by the Provost.

In all cases of outside employment requiring absence from the campus, the faculty member is responsible for seeing that the progress of his/her courses is uninterrupted and, in the case of performance or studio courses, that the lessons missed are made up.