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Faculty Personnel Policies

B14   Policy on Conflict of Interest

  1. All employees of the College are urged to consult with their supervisors concerning any potential conflict of interest.
  2. All dealings with students, suppliers, contractors, employees, and job-seekers must be free from prejudice and personal considerations, and must be in the spirit of the College's goals and purposes.
  3. No faculty member will do business on behalf of the College with a close friend or relative unless authorized by his/her superior to do so; nor shall any faculty members authorize purchases or contracts from or with any persons or organizations with which they have any personal agreement, contract, or understanding that might tend to influence their decisions.
  4. No faculty member will seek or accept, directly or indirectly, any payment, loan, service, non-business travel, personal gifts, or excessive entertainment from any persons or businesses doing or seeking to do business with the College.
  5. When a conflict or potential conflict arises, the College reserves the right to request pertinent information from the individual or individuals involved.
  6. The President of the College has the authority and the responsibility to apply the foregoing policies; to determine what action should be taken to correct violations of these policies; and to initiate disciplinary action when necessary.  Therefore, the President should be informed of violations, or potential violations, of this policy.
  7. College personnel who apply for grants from federal agencies must adhere to the Conflict of Interest Policy for such research.