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Faculty Personnel Policies

B16 Drug-Free Workplace Policy
(See also sections 18-21)

The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 requires all employers receiving federal contracts and grants to maintain a drug-free workplace.  It is the policy of Hope College to prohibit the unlawful manufacture, distribution or use of a controlled substance on College properties.  Employees who violate this prohibition are subject to dismissal upon conviction.

Faculty, faculty or student employees working on covered contracts must notify the Office of Human Resources within five days of their conviction for violating any criminal drug law by an action in the workplace.

The Hope College Counseling Center provides substance abuse counseling for students and referrals for longer term treatment.  Upon request, referrals for faculty and faculty needing assistance will be made.

For covered employees, the College Health Insurance Program provides for substance abuse treatment coverage.

Drug abuse in the workplace is a serious threat to the personal safety and wellbeing of the abuser, as well as co-workers.  For that reason, the College strongly supports the humane treatment of drug abusers while protecting the College community from adverse consequences of drug abuse.

The Hope College Department of Campus Safety will investigate and prosecute violations in accordance with the requirements of the statutes.  Suspected violators of the drug abuse policy shall be subject to drug testing by appropriate local authorities.