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Faculty Personnel Policies

B2:  Faculty Designations

e. Other Designations

1. Distinguished Professor-at-Large

The title of Distinguished Professor-at-Large is a designation given to a limited number of clearly superior faculty members of unusually broad interests and abilities who have attained the rank of Professor. They are normally assigned teaching responsibilities in several different departments, in interdisciplinary studies, and in research roles. While members of several departmental faculties, they are the direct administrative responsibility of the Provost.

2. Postdoctoral Fellow/Researcher

A temporary non-tenure track research position held by a person who has completed his or her doctoral studies. Postdoctoral appointments commonly last for periods ranging between six months and five years, and have traditionally been dedicated purely to research. However, so-called "teaching postdocs" will be offered for those who seek to focus on teaching in their careers.

3. Research Professor

A non-tenure track research position held by a person who has completed his or her doctoral studies. The initial a ppointment will be at the rank of Research Assistant Professor and requires qualifications corresponding to those of an Assistant Professor but with primary emphasis on research. The initial appointment will be for a three-year term. In the second year, a decision will be made concerning renewal of the appointment for a second three-year term. In the sixth year of appointment, the review for promotion to Research Associate Professor may take place. If promotion is denied, the appointment is extended for a seventh, terminal year. Faculty may be appointed to research professorial ranks on less than full-time basis. The percentage of appointment must be clearly documented at the time of hire.

4. Professors Holding Endowed Professorships

Restricted gifts have been given to Hope College for the purpose of endowing professorships. A full description of the currently endowed professorships is contained in the College Catalog. Faculty members are named to these endowed chairs for specific periods of time. Selection of faculty members for these chairs is made by the President, upon the recommendation of the Status Committee and Deans' Council. Benefits include stipends for summer research or for travel related to professional development and the provision of special stationery and other forms of recognition.

5. Adjunct Faculty

The title of one of the regular professorial ranks, prefixed by the term Adjunct, is used:

a) for a part-time teacher having a distinguished record of performance at Hope College over an extended period of time (at least five years and at least 60 credit hours). Persons are normally recommended to the Provost for these appointments by the departmental chairperson and divisional dean;

b) for a person whose primary identification is with a different institution or with a different profession and who brings extraordinary ability or experience to the part-time teaching position.

On occasion, a faculty member who holds the title of Adjunct may be given a full-time term appointment.

6. Visiting Faculty

The term "Visiting" is prefixed to any of the above titles when the appointee is teaching full-time at Hope temporarily (usually one year or less) while on leave from another institution or position. It is also used to distinguish the shorter term appointments.

7. Administrative Officers with Faculty Rank

Those administrative officers concurrently holding faculty status are subject to the same conditions for promotion and tenure as pertain to other faculty members. However, when they are granted tenure, that tenure applies to their teaching position alone.

8. Affiliated Scholar/Artist

Under the terms of the Independent Scholars' Protocol developed by the GLCA, as modified by the Administrative Affairs Board, the title Affiliated Scholar or Affiliated Artist may be given to qualified members of the academic community who are pursuing independent work. They may receive access to the library, opportunities to participate in the life of the campus, and various support services. A full statement of their privileges and responsibilities is contained in Faculty Bulletin 14.4 ( 20 Dec. 1984): 9-10. Further information is available from the Office of the Provost.

9. Emeritus Status

This designation, bestowed by the Board of Trustees upon certain members of the College faculty and administrative staff holding faculty rank, honors those who have made significant contributions to the College over an extended period, and provides a continuing identification with the College for those persons during their period of retirement. The rank is an honorary designation and carries with it certain limited responsibilities and rights, including but not necessarily limited to: use of College stationery for professional correspondence; a continued faculty ID card for access to the College libraries, admission to the Dow Center and athletic and other events, and discounts for events and Bookstore purchases granted to all faculty; computer and email access privileges; invitations to banquets, receptions and coffees to which retirees are normally invited; tuition waiver (see B17.b.7). A faculty or administrative faculty member who has completed a minimum of seven years of full-time employment at Hope College and has been placed on the retirement rolls of the College is eligible for consideration for Emeritus status. The Provost and the President recommend to the Board of Trustees the conferring of this status on a faculty person; the Board then takes final action. Emeritus status for administrative faculty is upon direct recommendation of the President to the Board.

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