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Faculty Personnel Policies

B20   Other Leaves of Absence

A leave of absence other than a sabbatical leave may be granted for a period of up to one year.  Normally, a faculty member receives no salary during such a leave.  Given extraordinary circumstances, it may be extended for an additional semester or year.  Application may be made in writing and submitted to the Provost through the appropriate department chairperson and divisional dean.  After consultation with the dean, the Provost will recommend an action to the President, who will make the final decision.
The following conditions apply for leaves of absence:
  1. Leaves are granted for professional or personal reasons.

    1. Professional reasons may include the completion of an advanced degree, acceptance of an unusual research opportunity, an invitation to serve as a visiting professor/ scholar at a distinguished college or university, the acceptance of a post doctoral service in a government agency, travel related to professional development, etc.

    2. Personal reasons may include, child-bearing, family illness, exploration of an alternative career direction, etc.

  2. A Faculty Member is eligible to apply for a leave of absence after two years of full-time teaching at Hope College.

  3. If, under special circumstances, the faculty member is to receive any remuneration from the college, it will be determined by the provost in consultation with the faculty member prior to the granting of leave.

  4. If remuneration is approved by the college, the faculty member is is obligated to return to the college for one semester of service for each semester of leave.

  5. Leave shall be granted upon recommendation of the provost and approval by the president. If approved, the provost will issue a letter of authorization which must include a statement of any special conditions which are applicable.

  6. The departmental chairperson, divisional dean, and Provost will determine whether a temporary replacement is needed.

  7. If the faculty member, while on leave, decides not to return to the College, he or she must notify the Provost no later than March 1. Approval of an extension of leave beyond one year may carry with it the requirement of earlier notification of the intention not to return.

  8. For leaves other than those covered by B18, Family or Medical Leave of Absence, Hope College will provide full health insurance coverage but will make no contributions to the employee's retirement account, unless the faculty is receiving some remuneration from the College. For any faculty member granted a leave of absence, Hope College will pay the entire premium for all other benefits which are included in a normal faculty contract, with payments based on the full annual salary that would have been paid if the faculty member were on campus teaching.