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Faculty Personnel Policies

B3: Terms of Appointment: Contracts,
Evaluations, Salaries and Promotions

b: Performance Evaluation Procedure

The status of all continuing faculty members is reviewed every year by the Status Committee, which recommends action to the President related to salary increments, promotion in rank, and tenure.  Appropriate action is taken by the President, with approval by the Board of Trustees.

Annual performance evaluations of both tenured and non-tenured faculty are conducted in January and February and cover teaching, scholarship, advising, and service during the preceding calendar year. They comprise the following steps (see Section B9 for procedures to be followed in the cases of departmental chairpersons):

  1. The faculty member submits a self-assessment report to the departmental chairperson.  The report consists of the Service to Hope form (available on the Provost’s Office website) and a narrative section which includes a statement of professional goals for the following year.

  2. For tenure and promotion, student appraisals are required in designated semesters.  For this purpose, a faculty member must employ the currently approved instrument for student evaluation of teaching, available from the office of the divisional dean.  All tenured faculty are required to administer the approved instrument one semester every three years in every course a faculty member is teaching that particular semester. Department chairs or the individual faculty member may request evaluation more frequently. Department chairs may use this data as part of assessment of the faculty member’s teaching.  Faculty may choose to supplement the approved instrument data with data procured from other self-designed or published instruments.  Regardless of the evaluative instruments selected, good data collection procedures should be followed.

  3. The departmental chairperson schedules a conference with each faculty member to discuss his/her self-assessment and goals.

  4. The departmental chairperson completes an initial written evaluation of faculty members in the department.

  5. The departmental chairperson and divisional dean arrive at a mutually acceptable statement for transmission, together with the Service to Hope form, to the Status Committee.  In the event that the two cannot reach agreement, the dean will prepare a separate statement containing his/her own analysis and recommendations and forward both statements to the Status Committee.

  6. The chairperson and dean provide the faculty member with an advance copy of their statement(s) which serves as a basis for discussion of the faculty member's major professional objectives for the following year.  This procedure will also allow for correction of inaccurate or unfair judgments, if necessary.  If a faculty person disagrees with any aspect of what is finally submitted to the Status Committee, s/he is invited to communicate directly with that Committee and the Provost.

  7. The Status Committee presents its recommendations to the President, who makes the final decision.  Recommendations of the Status Committee are confidential, as are its deliberations.

  8. The Provost notifies all candidates promptly concerning the decisions reached.

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