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Faculty Personnel Policies

B3: Terms of Appointment: Contracts,
Evaluations, Salaries and Promotions

c: Salary
  1. Salary Increases

    Beyond any across-the-board and equity adjustments, increments in salary are given in recognition of significant accomplishment or contribution based on known criteria and arrived at in accordance with the procedures in B3b.  These are merit increases, and are determined by the sum of the impact a faculty member has on, and beyond, the Hope community with respect to teaching, advising, scholarship, and service during a given year.

    Recommendations for salary increases normally are made to the Status Committee by the departmental chairperson and the divisional dean.  A faculty member who does not find his/her salary acceptable may request a review.  Request for such a review should be made in writing and submitted along with supporting evidence to the Provost.

  2. Salary Information
  3. A summary statement of the faculty salaries offered for a particular year, broken down by division and rank, is prepared annually and distributed to the faculty members. Additional salary information is provided to the Professional Interests Committee for analysis (see A6.d).

  4. Payroll Information
  5. Salary checks are normally distributed through campus mail.  If a faculty member desires to have his/her check deposited directly to a local bank account, s/he may make arrangements with the Hope College payroll office. Faculty may also make arrangements for automatic deposit of summer checks.

    For financial and insurance coverage purposes, faculty members are considered to be twelve-month employees. The annual salary is normally paid in 24 equal installments, although a 20 installment plan is available on request.  Summer school salaries are paid in announced installments during the summer session.

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