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Faculty Personnel Policies

B3: Terms of Appointment: Contracts,
Evaluations, Salaries and Promotions

d: Promotion
  1. Promotion in rank is determined in light of the criteria established (see Section B2.b.) and in accordance with the procedures described above for faculty evaluation (B3.b). 

    Consideration is given to length of time in present rank and to the integrated record of performance, i.e., the sum of the impact a faculty member has had on, and beyond, the Hope community with respect to teaching, advising, scholarship, and service over a period of years. Any candidate hired after July 1, 2009 must possess the terminal degree for the discipline to be promoted to associate or full professor.  If the person does not have the terminal degree but does possess equivalent education and/or professional experience, it must be documented in writing at the time of hiring. A faculty member hired before July 1, 2009, may be considered for promotion; however, he/she must fulfill all the criteria, especially scholarship, at the same level as the tenured faculty in that department, and receive the support of the tenured faculty in their department and the divisional dean.

    For appointments above the rank of Instructor, the doctorate or its equivalent is required. The equivalency (e.g., a degree with a different designation from an international institution, an alternative terminal degree, or significant experience in the academic and/or professional field) shall be specified in the original contract, along with an indication of whether the candidate shall be eligible for future promotions in rank. The equivalency should be designated in consultation with the department chair, the appropriate dean, and the provost. If the candidate will be required to pursue further education (e.g., a doctorate or other terminal degree) or professional certification to be considered for promotion, that requirement will be clearly stated in the initial contract. For all promotions, regardless of the degree held by the candidate, the other criteria for promotion must be fully met.

  2. Overtures for promotion normally are made to the Status Committee by the departmental chairperson and divisional dean, but may originate from another administrator or from the individual faculty member seeking consideration.  Details of procedures and deadlines are available from the Office of the Provost.

    1. Ordinarily, an individual is recommended for promotion from assistant professor to associate professor at the time that he or she is recommended for tenure.

    2. The process of promotion from associate professor to professor ordinarily begins no earlier than an individual’s sixth year in rank.  At the request of the faculty member, his/her department chair and dean will confer about his/her integrated record of performance (including SIR’s administered during the previous year) and determine whether to recommend the individual for promotion the following year. 

    3. If an individual is not recommended for promotion, he or she will be notified in writing of the reasons; the dean and the chair will reconsider the decision when the candidate furnishes evidence that he or she now meets the criteria established in section B2b of the Faculty Handbook.

    4. Early promotion is possible when the dean and the chair judge an individual’s performance as clearly exceptional in terms of all the criteria established in section B2b of the Faculty Handbook.

  4. Proposals for promotion of a departmental chairperson normally shall be initiated by the divisional dean.

  5. Promotion Procedures for Fractional and Full-time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

    1. The policy for promotion of adjunct faculty is set forth in “Policies Regarding Salaries, Benefits and Status of Part-time Faculty and Coaches."

    2. Normally, advancement in rank shall require the following minimum number of years of FTE service at each rank:

      Instructor to Assistant Professor
      Assistant to Associate Professor
      Associate to Professor

    3. Advancement in rank shall depend upon consistently favorable performance evaluations during the years in rank, and shall be dependent upon the criteria for each academic rank listed in the Faculty Handbook (B2b).

      The process shall be initiated by the department chairperson in consultation with the dean.

      The process shall follow the procedures and schedule established for tenure-track faculty being considered for promotion.

      Recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding promotion in rank shall be made by the president upon formal action by the Status Committee.

      The new rank shall become effective with the next contract year.

  6. Persons promoted receive a standard salary adjustment when promoted from assistant professor to associate professor or from associate professor to professor.

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