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Faculty Personnel Policies

B5   Resignations and Nonreappointments

  1. Resignations

    According to generally accepted ethical principles for faculty recruitment, faculty members may terminate their appointments effective at the end of an academic year, provided that they give notice in writing at the earliest possible opportunity, but not later than May 15 or thirty days after receiving notification of terms of employment for the following year, whichever date occurs later.  A faculty member may ask the administration to waive this requirement in case of hardship, but should comply with their decision.

  2. Nonreappointment of Probationary Faculty

    1. Decision-making process

      All contracts offered to regular faculty who have not yet completed the probationary period and have not yet obtained tenure at Hope College are for one year only (see B2.a1).  Each year during the probationary period the departmental chairperson completes a written evaluation of the faculty member's performance and at the end of three years the dean completes a comprehensive written evaluation.  At any point during the probationary period, if the faculty member's performance is deemed unsatisfactory, the tenured faculty of the department may be convened to consider whether to recommend non-reappointment.  If the departmental chairperson and the tenured faculty recommend non-reappointment, the faculty member will be informed of this recommendation and the reasons for it (in writing, if s/he requests), and be given opportunity to present his/her case to the dean.  If the dean subsequently recommends non-reappointment and the Provost concurs, the Provost will issue the notice of non-reappointment in accord with the guidelines in subsection b2 below.
      Thereafter, as a last resort, the faculty member may request to have his/her case heard by the Status Committee, which will make a recommendation to the President.  The decision of the President shall be final.

    2. Timing of Notification
      In accordance with the AAUP "Standards for Notice of Non-Reappointment," notice of nonreappointment shall be given in writing under the following time constraints:
      1. Not later than March 1 of the first academic year of service, if the appointment expires at the end of that year; or, if a one-year appointment terminates during an academic year, at least three months in advance of its termination.
      2. Not later than December 15 of the second academic year of service, if the appointment expires at the end of that year; of, if an appointment terminates during an academic year, at least six months in advance of its termination.
      3. At least twelve months before the expiration of an appointment after two or more years in the institution.