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Part-Time Faculty Resources

As part-time instructors at Hope, you may not have regular contact with department staff, faculty and administrators. This page will provide you with much of the information you'll need to perform your duties at Hope, and to enjoy the benefits that accompany your faculty status.

The online Faculty Handbook describes policies and procedures that concern all members of the Hope College faculty.

Feel free to browse any of the pages on the Provost's Office site!

HR/Payroll Info

"Nuts & Bolts" - information on things like keys, parking, ID's, etc.

Tuition Waiver Program
This applies ONLY to part-time faculty hired BEFORE July 1, 2006. Part-time faculty hired AFTER July 1, 2006 are ineligible for the Tuition Waiver Program

Registrar Information -courselists, grading, etc.
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