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Tuition Waiver Program for
Part-Time Faculty
(This applies only to Part-Time Faculty employed before July 1, 2006-
Part-Time Faculty hired after July 1, 2006 are ineligible for this program)

The Tuition Waiver program applies only to courses at Hope College. It applies to you, your spouse, your children by birth or adoption (to age 30, without a dependency requirement), and your dependent stepchildren (to age 25, with a dependency requirement).

Dependent status is granted to those unmarried, stepchildren who have been members of your family for a minimum of three years prior to your first application for a tuition waiver. As a member of your family, it is required that your stepchild’s regular, permanent residence be the same as yours. Upon request, you must verify that your stepchild has met the residency requirement.

Those eligible may receive a complete or partial waiver of tuition when enrolling in courses offered by Hope College, including the following off-campus programs sponsored and administered by the college: the Philadelphia Semester, the Washington Honors Semester, the Queretaro Program, off-campus May/June/July Term programs, and Vienna Summer School. Each beneficiary is limited to 10 semesters of eligibility, regardless of whether they are enrolled part-time or full-time.

The Tuition Waiver Program policy has changed effective July 1, 2006

Each person's tuition waiver calculation will vary based on their time of service to Hope and their financial aid situation. The percentage of tuition waiver is applied after applicable financial aid has been deducted.

Adjunct faculty (and their families) receive a tuition waiver of 100% of a pro-rated amount based on their average annual workload, using 24 credit hours per year as the full-time equivalent, over the latest 3-year period.

Example: someone who has taught an average of 6 credits per year for the previous 3 years would receive a waiver of 25%; someone whose teaching loads for the previous three years were 6, 8 and 6 credits would receive a waiver of 28% -- 20 credits taught in 3 years/72 credits as full- time equivalent over 3 years.

Other part-time faculty (and their families) receive 10% per year of service of a pro-rated amount based on their average annual workload using 24 credit hours per year as the full-time equivalent.

Example: someone who taught an average of 6 credits per year for 5 years would receive a waiver of 12.5% [.25 X 5 X 10]; someone who taught an average of 8 credits per year for 7 years would receive a waiver of 23% [.33 X 7 X 10].)

Tuition Waiver Application Forms are available in either the
Human Resources or Financial Aid Offices located at
100 E. 8th Street (next to the Knickerbocker Theater)

Contact Lannette in the Office of the Provost for a base waiver
calculation or to ask
questions about this program
zylman@hope.edu or 395-7970