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Eligibility to Participate Form

Click here for the form.

  • Off-campus programs lasting at least one night require all applicants to complete the Eligibility to Participate Form before applying to the program.  This form will be used to determine the student’s eligibility to apply to a program.
  • Each program leader is responsible for submitting each student's form to Julie Dalman, Student Development at least 72 business hours before departing. Students should check the appropriate box:
    • never been on disciplinary probation
    • history of having been on disciplinary probation
    • currently on disciplinary probation

This is to confirm the accuracy of students’ statements and to determine students’ eligibility, based on behavior, to have their program applications reviewed for admission.

  • The program leader is also responsible for noting his/her own name and program name on the list of results from the Eligibility to Participate Form so the Dean of Students will know to whom to return the results.
  • In turn, the following policy will be followed with respect to accepting students on all off-campus programs:
    • A student not currently on disciplinary probation, but who has a past history of being on probation may be accepted to an off-campus program at the discretion of the program’s director, but may be required to sign an Off-Campus Study Social Conduct & Behavior Contract.
    • A student currently on disciplinary probation at the time of application is subject to review by the Dean of Students.  Depending on the circumstances of the probation, the student may still be given permission to apply.

Note: Students on Level I probation may be given permission to apply at the discretion of the Dean of Students and in conversation with the program leader.  Students on Level II probation or Withheld Suspension will generally not be given permission to apply to an off-campus program while on disciplinary probation (this is detailed in the online Student Handbook).

    • The principal concern being addressed in this process is student behavior relating to alcohol, drugs and lack of respect for others, including, but not limited to, disorderly conduct, sexual harassment, violations of the law and assault.
    • If the program leader, Dean of Students or other member of the Hope College community becomes aware of any infractions prior to the program’s departure, the student’s permission to participate may be revoked.