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Crisis Management Team

Campus Safety - 616-395-7770

Richard Frost
Dean of Students,
Student Development

(o) 616-395-7940

Carol De Jong
Registrar's Office

(o) 616-395-7760
Alfredo Gonzales
Dean for International
and Multicultural Education,
Provost's Office
(o) 616-395-7080
Amy Otis-De Grau
International Education
(o) 616-395-7605
Liz Steenwyk
Assistant Registrar,
Registrar's Office
(o) 616-395-7760
Julie Dalman
Assistant to the Dean of Students,
Student Development
(o) 616-395-7800
Kristen Gray
Assistant Dean for Health
and Counseling,
Counseling Center

(o) 616-395-7945

Cindy Sabo
Registered Nurse,
Health Center
(o) 616-395-7585
Kevin Kraay
Business Manager,
Business Services
(o) 616-395-7814
Chad Wolters
Campus Safety
(o) 616-395-7770
Eva Dean Folkert
Director of Athletics for Women,
(o) 616-395-7694

President's Office - 616-395-7780

Provost's Office - 616-395-7785

Public Relations - 616-395-7860