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Assumption of Risk and Release Form
– One Day Programs

– One Overnight Programs

  • All students participating in a short-term program going off-campus are required to sign this form and include a cell phone number (if applicable) and an emergency contact person. Forms have lines for 10 students; use more than one sheet, if necessary.
  • Completed forms need to be returned to Julie Dalman, Student Development for Student Groups or Liz Steenwyk, Registrar's Office for Academic Travel at least 48 business hours before leaving.  If there are additions or changes to the participant list, and the changes are made during normal business hours (8am-5pm; Monday–Friday), please forward the changes to the appropriate office. Should the change(s) occur after normal business hours, submit them to Campus Safety.
  • Be sure to include a complete itinerary and contact phone numbers. 

Click here for the form.