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Running degree evaluations for advisees

Notes for Faculty Advisors

While the degree evaluation system is aimed at students-to help them see their progress in their major(s) and minor(s) as well as in general education, advisors may also want to see what's available.

This sophisticated system will show students who have declared major(s) and minor(s) which requirements they have met-in their major(s), minor(s), and general education-and which they still need to complete

The system also lets students who have not declared major(s) and minor(s) take a look at the requirements of major(s) and minor(s) they're thinking about and see how the classes they've taken or are registered for meet these requirements.

Or, if students want to check their status on general education requirements only, the degree evaluation can do that as well.

It's an amazing system!

  Running degree evaluations for advisees who HAVE DECLARED their major(s)

  Running degree evaluations for advisees who HAVE NOT DECLARED their major(s)