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Running degree evaluations for advisees who HAVE declared major(s) & minor(s)

Both primary and secondary advisors may see academic transcripts (final grades) and degree evaluations.

1.       Log into your KnowHopePlus account.

2.      From the "Main Menu," click on "Faculty and Advisors."

3.      From the "Faculty Services" menu, click on "Student Information Menu."

4.      From the "Student Information" menu, click on "Degree Evaluation."

5.      Select the current term from the pull-down menu; then click "Submit."

6.      You may run a student's degree evaluations if you are the primary or secondary advisor. Type in an advisee's first or last name (spelling must be exact).

  HINT: Rather than typing in a name, use "%" (the wildcard) to pull up all the students whose records you can access. 

7.      Select from the pull-down menu, the student whose record you want to look at. Then click "Submit."

8.      "Curriculum information" tells what the student's declared majors and minors are. If this information is accurate, click on "Generate New Evaluation" (along the bottom of the screen).

  If student plans on teacher certification, the major should

o        be an approved composite major for elementary education (Fine Arts Composite, or Language Arts Composite, or Science Composite, or Social Studies Composite)


o        Special Education (EI or LD)


o        have "Education" as part of its description-for example, "English-Elementary Educ" or "English-Secondary Educ," rather than simply "English." 

  For some majors (especially in the natural sciences and music), more than one degree is possible. Check to see that the correct degree is listed

  If the major, minor, or degree is not listed correctly, please send the student to the Registrar's Office-if this info is not correct, the degree evaluation will not be accurate.

9.      Click on the program; then on "Generate Request"

10.  In the "Degree Evaluation Options:"

         Click on "Detail Requirements"

         Click on "Submit" 

11.   Wait a bit.then Presto! Scroll through the screen. If you opted for Detail Requirements, you'll find

a.      The program, degree, major(s), minor(s)

b.      Number of credits-the evaluation COUNTS the credits the student is currently registered for (even though the credits have not yet been earned)-and the student's overall GPA.

c.       An evaluation of how the courses the student has taken or is registered for meet general education requirements (the system selects the appropriate requirements for BA/BS or BM-music--or BSN--nursing)

       A requirement the student has not completed is listed in red: you can click on the underlined courses to see catalog descriptions. Requirements the student has completed or is registered for are listed in blue.

      Be careful to look at the notes under each requirement-if the student has not met the ENTIRE requirement, you'll see "No" in the "Met" column. 

d.  Continue to scroll, and you'll find the requirements of the major(s) and minor(s) the student has declared. A requirement the student has not met is listed in red; requirements the student has completed or is registered for are listed in blue.

e.   You can click on any underlined class to see catalog description.

f.    At the end of the report, you'll find any courses not used for general education, major(s), or minor(s)-and any courses the student has failed, taken pass/fail, or withdrawn from. 

Have questions about this on-line evaluation?

FIRST, please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If you don't find an answer there, please e-mail or come to the Registrar's Office, first floor of the DeWitt Center.