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Application to Graduate

All students who plan to graduate from Hope College must complete an Application to Graduate. This form submits your application on-line.

Be sure you have declared all your majors & minors before completing this application.

General Information:

Applicant Name:

Student ID number:

(Please give full email address, i.e.

Ceremony Details:

I will participate in the May 2014 ceremony.

(If you answer "no", it means no seat, no name in the program, no invitations to ceremony events.)


You may only participate in ONE ceremony. If you participated in a previous ceremony, please indicate the year:

Your Full Legal Name for diploma and ceremony program:

(Your name should match your birth certificate or passport.)

Hometown & State or Country (For program and press releases)

Degree Information:

Have you completed a degree evaluation on your KnowHopePlus account?


If you have not done so, we strongly recommend that you complete a Degree Evaluation on your KnowHopePlus account before completing your graduation application. This evaluation will tell you if your general education requirements and major/minor requirements have been MET. If you have some requirements that are NOT MET and need help, contact the Registrar's Office 395-7760.


What term will you finish ALL your graduation requirements?

What degree are you planning to receive?

What Major/s are you planning to complete?

(Majors must be declared...check your KnowHopePlus account.)

Major 1:

Major 2:


What Minor/s are you planning to complete?

(Minors must be declared...check your KnowHopePlus account.)

Minor 1:

Minor 2:


If you chose CMP as your major, what is the title of your your composite?


Are you a triple major? If so, please select your third major. Major 3:
After submitting this graduation application, any changes in your ceremony or degree information, MUST be reported to Gloria Shay,, 395-7759, so your degree will be correct.

Diploma information:
We send your diploma to you at your permanent address. Please advise us of any address changes on a Change of Address Form in the Registrar's Office. It may take a few weeks after graduation for your diploma to reach you.

Thank you for completing your graduation application on-line.

If you have any questions, please call Gloria Shay, Associate Registrar, 395-7759 or email,