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Midterm Grades

Midterms reflect grades in courses after about eight weeks. In some cases, they represent about half your grade in the course; in others, much of the course work is yet to be completed and graded. If you have questions, be sure to check with your instructor.

While midterm grades are not part of your permanent record and do not "count" in your semester grade point average (GPA), they are important indicators.

The worst thing to do about midterms is to ignore them.

Midterm grades are meant to encourage you to get in touch with others. Keeping on the same path may result in the same grades; spending more time on classes may not be enough.

Your midterm grades will be available to you on-line via your KnowHope Plus account. You'll be able to see your midterm grades as soon as your professors enter them.

What should I do if I'm not happy with my midterm grades?

Talk honestly with your professors. Consider the study strategies you use, and discuss with your professors whether they are appropriate. Many of you opted to attend Hope College because you value our strong faculty-student connection-now is the time to take advantage of it. Talk with your professors about supplemental help-lots is available-from individual tutoring to group help sessions to support from the Writing Center.

Academic advisors are also good resources. After you contact your professors, head for your advisor's office.

Ryan White, Director of Academic Advising, is another resource. Feel free to talk to him in the Registrar's Office, first floor of the DeWitt Center.

Why am I missing some midterm grades?

Usually, no midterm grades were assigned for first or last half-semester classes-first-half classes recently ended, and last-half classes have just begun to meet.

For full-semester classes, if no grade is listed, the professor did not submit a midterm grade.

Why don't I have a midterm GPA?

Midterm grades are not part of your permanent academic record, so no midterm GPA is calculated.

How can I compute my midterm GPA?

Check out your blue student advising handbook, Connections, for directions and a sample. You received this blue folder from your advisor when you arrived at Hope.

If you want to compute your midterm GPA, multiply the quality points for each grade you received (you'll find these values in the college catalog under "system of grading") by the number of credits you'll earn in the course. Then divide the total by the number of graded credits. Let's suppose you earned these midterm grades:

Midterm Grade
Earned Credits
IDS 100
B- (value = 2.70)
ENGL 113
C+ (value = 2.30)
GEMS 100
REL 100
PSY 100
A- (value = 3.70)
KIN 140
C+ (value - 2.30)

So for these courses and these grades, you'd multiply the value of each grade by the number of earned credits. Your midterm GPA is based only the courses which received a midterm grade.

Grade value
Earned Credits
Quality Points
IDS 100
x 2.00 =
5 .40
ENGL 113
x 4.00 =
PSY 100
x 4.00 =
KIN 140
x 2.oo =

Your midterm GPA is 34.00 divided by 12 credits = 2.83 (just above a B-).

I have other questions, whom should I ask?

If your question involves a midterm grade in a particular course, talk with your professor.

If you have other questions about midterms, bring them to the Registrar's Office, first floor of DeWitt Center.