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Transfer Credit: Faculty and Advisors

NOW AVAILABLE: a Transfer Equivalency System (TES) to check for courses that have been pre-approved to transfer to Hope!

For Advisors

Because we have the Transfer Equivalency System (TES) listing classes already approved by department chairs for transfer, students are no longer required to use the paper Credit Transfer Form. An online form is available for current students to request transfer credit for courses not yet included in TES.

Please see the student transfer credit websites for more information about transferring credit to Hope College:

For Department Chairs

Credit transfer approval is now an online process through the Transfer Equivalency System (TES). For instructions and help with TES, go to the Users' Guide. Email Sarah Gottschlich ( or Liz Steenwyk ( with questions.

Requirements for transfer credit remain the same. TES can easily be updated and changed as necessary. It will be updated as course numbers, credit hours and course descriptions change.  Departments will be notified of the change and have an opportunity to review the modified course.

Departments can request reports using the Academic Data Request to review transfer credit in the department.  

Important things to remember when approving transfer credit:

  • If a transfer course is approved as equivalent to a Hope course, it will count toward the requirement just like a Hope course would count.
  • If there is not an equivalent course at Hope, but the course is acceptable to transfer, it should be approved with the number 0100. This appears on the student's transcript as general transfer credit.
  • A student may request to use a transferred course numbered 0100 for a major, minor or general education requirement using the appropriate substitution form: