The Hope College Chemistry department is recognized as outstanding for the productivity of its research program and the accomplishments of its graduates.
  • The department's 14 full-time professors mentor students in class, in teaching and research labs, and help students make the best possible career decisions.
  • Faculty expertise includes biochemistry, inorganic, physical, analytical, organometallic, physical-organic, medicinal, polymer, laser, environmental, nuclear, pharmaceutical and industrial chemistry.
  • Hope's new and expanded A. Paul Schaap Science Center gives you access to outstanding, cutting-edge laboratory facilities.
  • The department has extensive scientific instrumentation to support its teaching research programs.
  • Take advantage of research opportunities during the academic year and full-time, paid research positions during the summer.
  • Co-author papers with faculty members for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals or for presentation at national scientific meetings.
  • Take part in a seminar program with nationally-recognized authorities in chemistry and related fields.
  • Hope chemistry majors successfully pursue advanced degrees at some of the nation's top graduate and professional schools.
Hope College Department of Chemistry

35 East 12th St.

Holland, MI 49422