Carol Fritz • 800.968.7850

HometownDubuque, Iowa
EducationB.S., Wartburg College
Area of StudyPsychology
HobbiesRunning, reading, baseball games (go Cardinals!), riding bike, enjoying time with my husband and son
Fun or Interesting FactDid a week long 500 mile bike ride 5 years ago... Have been to 49 of our 50 states...
Favorite College MemoryA tradition called Outfly
Why I love HopeThe students and the wonderful friendships and knowledge you can gain from each other...and of course Hope Baseball and Football    too many to say!
Favorite Artist and AlbumMy colleagues tease me about Journey...   
Favorite TV Show or MovieAll the Snoopy Classics during any holiday!
Best thing about Holland, MichiganThe diversity of fun you can have...