Kristin Diekevers • 800.968.7850HometownDowagiac, Michigan
EducationB.A., Hope College '07
Areas of StudyManagement and Communication
HobbiesDance, basketball, camping, hiking, traveling, reading (especially historical fiction and Brit lit), experiencing new things with friends and family.
Fun or Interesting FactI can't dive, but I can dance.
Favorite College MemoryMy brother came to Hope before me, and when I was a freshmen here all our friends would hang out. On one such occasion -- Halloween, to be exact -- we watched one of the Scream movies at his house. As my girlfriends and I were walking back to our dorm that night, we heard a rustle in the bushes by Phelps. All of a sudden, these people jumped out at us, and as I turned to look over my shoulder I found myself staring right into the eyes of the scary-mask guy in Scream. We were all scared half to death, of course, but when the people started taking off their masks laughing, we realized we had fallen victim to a prank by none other than my brother and his friends. Don't worry: we got them back. The stench created by raw fish hidden throughout one's house doesn't exactly attract the ladies!
Why I love HopeHands down what I love most about Hope is that it's a place where challenge spurs growth in body, mind and spirit. I'm proud to wear my good ol' Hope hoodie wherever I go and get the not-so-infrequent "Go Dutchmen!" from complete strangers!
Favorite Artist and AlbumJourney/Greatest Hits always gets me going, but I listen to all kinds of music from country to classical to hip hop with NPR mixed in when I'm listening to the radio.
Favorite TV Show and MovieTV show: Friends
Movie: My Fair Lady (with Audrey Hepburn as Eliza)
Best thing about Holland, MichiganThe walks/runs around town, campus, the beach, the woods; and the friendly faces who say hello all along the way!