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Nearly every family financial situation is represented by our student body. Families need not rule out Hope because of cost.

Financial aid and merit scholarships can assist in the cost of attending Hope College. Cost is a concern for many families and each year we are pleased to hear that students wanting to attend Hope are able to do so because of the aid they received. As you use this tool we encourage you to remember the following:

  • The net price estimate provided is based on actual aid packages awarded by Hope College for the 2012-2013 academic year. An official financial aid package can be obtained after gaining admission to the College, completing the Federal FAFSA, and completing the Hope College Supplemental Application Form for Financial Aid (SAF). More information about this process and the timeline is on our website.
  • Estimates are based on 2012-2013 academic year costs as this is the most recent year federal data is available.
  • This resource is for US citizens and permanent residents.
  • The estimated net price is:
Total Costs (Tuition, Room, Board, and Activity Fee)
- Gift Aid (Scholarships and need-based grants only)
Net Price (Additional aid in the form of loans and on-campus jobs is often available)


  • Merit-based aid is awarded regardless of family financial need. Therefore, even students from high income families can receive academic and talent based scholarships.
  • The amount of a merit scholarship can play a significant role in whether your actual award is above or below the estimate provided by this tool. Students are automatically reviewed for merit awards once admitted to the college.

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Cost – A Function of Value

Kiplinger's Personal Finance has included Hope on its list of the country's best values in private colleges. Kiplinger's annual list ranks 100 private universities and 100 liberal arts colleges that provide high-quality academics at a reasonable cost, exemplifying attributes including small class sizes, a good freshman retention rate and a high four-year graduation rate. Hope ranked 68th on the list of liberal arts schools.