Take the Boat to Hope!

Take the Boat to Hope!
Thursday-Friday, September 26-27, 2013

The Admissions Office invites you to join other prospective students for a very special Visit Day. We all know Wisconsin isn't that far from Michigan! In fact, the Lake Express high speed ferry can get you here in 2 1/2 hours. We'd love to have you as our guest on campus September 27-28!

Leah Dykstra, our admissions representative who works with students from Wisconsin, will be traveling both to and from campus with boat trip participants. This is a great opportunity to get to know other students from your home state that are considering Hope College!

During this visit you will:

  • Learn about Hope's nationally recognized academic programs
  • Attend a class
  • Explore student life at Hope College
  • Have a whole lot of fun!

The best part? Hope College is will reimburse the entire cost of your round trip ferry ticket. Also, all lodging and food will be provided as a part of your stay.

Registration checklist:

  1. Purchase Lake Express Ferry ticket (departing 12:30 PM on Thursday and returning 4:45 PM on Friday). We will have a reimbursement check for you when you arrive on campus.
  2. Complete registration form
  3. Complete medical release form
  4. Special notarized form from Lake Express
  5. A copy of your Lake Express Ferry ticket

Printed forms may be uploaded on the registration form, or you can mail, email, or fax these items to:

Hope College Admissions
attn: Leah Dykstra
69 East 10th Street
PO Box 9000
Holland, MI 49422
fax: (616) 395-7130