Fine & Performing Arts

The college awarded over 80 Distinguished Artist scholarships last year; eligible students bring strong academic credentials and exceptional creative ability in art, music, dance, theatre and creative writing.

At Home and Beyond

The College’s Great Performance Series brings nationally and internationally 
acclaimed artists not only to visit campus but to perform, teach master classes, 
interact with and encourage students. Students can add to their experience in 
off-campus programs including the New York Arts Semester, the New York Center 
for Art and Media Studies, the Chicago Metro Program, the Philadelphia Center and a variety of international locations including Paris and Mexico.

The fine and performing arts departments work collaboratively in such areas as musical theatre and integrating dance choreography with other art forms, such as liturgical dance. Studio art majors work in personal studio space at the De Pree Art Center and Gallery, the college’s superb teaching and exhibition facility.

Hope is the only liberal arts college nationally accredited in Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre.
Cloistered? No. Diverse? Yes!

At Hope, it’s not uncommon for engineers and nurses to co-major in dance (and go on to invent a tool for spine surgery and care for orthopedic patients). Others combine teaching and the arts: 

Derek Brown ’06 is Director of Jazz Studies at Abilene Christian University, and Reagan Chesnut ’08 is both a Ph.D. candidate at Trinity College in Dublin and head script reader for that city’s Fishamble Theatre Company. Hope encourages the kind of bold thinking that takes place at the crossroads of different fields – and can lead graduates into especially rewarding careers