DePue BrothersDePue Brothers Band
Sept. 14, 2012
Dimnent Chapel, 7:30pm


The DePue Brothers Band merge brilliant technical prowess with a highly creative joy creating a new sound, merging genres such as Classical, Bluegrass, Americana and Folk. Featuring two brothers of legendary DePue family along with colleagues from the Philadephia Orchestra, this ensemble is blurring the lines of musical genres.

For those not familiar with this musical iconic family from northwest Ohio (Bowling Green, to be exact) one is in for an ear-bending revelation. These four violinist brothers encompass a vivid blend of bluegrass, classical, and rock genres.
Each brother is a classical virtuoso in his own right, and brings rich and diverse talents to their sound. As a family they have been making music together for over 25 years. They were named “Musical Family of America” in 1989 by presidential decree, were the subject of a nationally televised PBS documentary in 1993, and two brothers (Jason and Zach) were featured in the film documentary Music From the Inside Out in 2005. Their first album as brothers, Classical Grass, sold out of its first printing.

Coming together with Tony Trischka, Mark Cosgrove, Don Liuzzi and a variety of bass players, the band began performing and recording in 2004. Weapons of Grass Construction, with its progressive mix of genres, gives a direct nod to their bluegrass tradition and their classical training, while adding a deeper infusion of rock and blues.

BAND MEMBERS: Wallace DePue, Jason DePue, Zachary DePue/Special Guest and Violin,
Don Liuzzi/Drums and Vocals, Mark Cosgrove/Guitar, Mike Munford/Banjo , Kevin MacConnell/Bass, Jordan Tice/Special Guest and Guitar, Tony Trischka/Special Guest and Banjo, Rodney Whittenberg/Guest Guitarist and Producer



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