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Welcome to the Fried International Center

Since the founding of the FIC in 1990, hundreds of students have used the office as a doorway into the world and as a "home away from home."

On any given day, Hope College students trek in and out of the Fried International Center (FIC) to inquire about study abroad opportunities, meet with the International Student Advisor, catch up on international news in the International Student Lounge, submit study abroad applications, pick up their mail or simply to find out about the international happenings in our office

While study abroad has had it's early roots in places such as Vienna, Austria since 1956, international students have been a part of the Hope College community since the founding days of the College. The first graduating class of 1879 included two Japanese students; the mid-1930's saw several Iraqi students studying at Hope; the 1960's and 70's students from places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bahrain; and by the late 1980's and early 1990's the international student community included a number of Russian, Palestinian and South African students.

Over the years, Hope College has committed to foster global understanding and international exchanges across cultures and borders. Students have access to more than 200 off-campus study programs and can choose to study on either domestic or international programs for a semester, year or even during a May/June term.

The FIC encourages all Hope students to explore and participate in cross-cultural learning experiences to prepare for their "lives of service and leadership in a global society" (Hope College mission statement).

Explore the Fried International Center! Explore the World!

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Scape 2014
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