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Mission Statement

Encouraging students to step beyond  borders and integrate with the global community since 1990.

Building on the rich tradition of an international campus and Hope’s first graduating class of 1879, the Fried International Center continues to provide the Hope College community with learning opportunities that promote global understanding in the classroom and beyond. The Fried International Center prepares students to step beyond the borders of Hope College, challenging them to integrate their academic and cultural learning, and empowering them to be informed, caring and active world citizens of the 21st century.

Hence, the Fried International Center commits itself to the following mission:

To integrate the perspectives of international students and scholars into the campus community, to provide off-campus study opportunities for all students, and to stimulate conversation surrounding cross-cultural and global issues, all of which contribute to the internationalization of the Hope College campus.

Vision of Hope

The Fried International Center is committed to the College’s “Vision of Hope” as outlined in the 2006 catalog:

The Hope experience will include encounter with the cultural diversity that is characteristic of our nation and world. Hope will increasingly reflect the presence and influence of students, faculty and staff from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. Hope will also provide ample opportunities for study in off-campus settings where racial and cultural diversity will be encountered.

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