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International Student Alumni

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Dorian Bako ‘04 (Albania)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Test Engineer, Intertek ETL Entela, Grand Rapids, MI

Fatu Kamara ‘04 (Liberia)
Majors: English, Political Science, Women’s Studies
M.A. Public Policy, Regent University, VA

Ana Santibanez-Zamora ‘04 (Mexico)
Majors: Management, Economics
Assistant Researcher for El Colegio de Mexico, Junior Consultant, Santibáñez Guzman & Asociados

Daniel Berhanemeskel ‘03 (Ethiopia)
Major: Studio Art
M.F.A. Michigan State University, Lansing, MI

Qingfei Jiang ‘03 (China)
Majors: Biology, Chemistry
Ph.D program in Biochemistry, University of Southern California

Muhammad Karimuddin ‘03 (Pakistan)
Major: Accounting
Staff Accountant, East Lake Management & Development Corporation, Chicago, IL

Lilyana Mihalkova ‘03 (Bulgaria)
Major: Computer Science
M.A./Ph.D program in Machine Learning, University of Texas,
Austin, TX

Radika Rupasinghe ‘03 (Sri Lanka)
Majors: Engineering, Chemistry
Working in Research and Development for Papyrus Australia Ltd, Adelaide, Australia
Masters program for Chemical Engineering,
University of Adelaide

Alexander Sherstov ’03 (Kazakstan)
Major: Computer Science
M.A./Ph.D program in Artificial Intelligence, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Ramona Fruja ‘02 (Romania)
Major: English
Ph.D program in the Teacher Education, MSU College of Education, Lansing, MI

Prakash Raj Ojha '02 (Nepal)
Major: Computer Science
Working as a software developer in Toronto, Canada

Radoslav Iliev ‘01 (Bulgaria)
Majors: Economics, Political Science
M.A./Ph.D program of the Woodrow Wilson Department of Government and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia

Murtazo Muhammad ‘01 (Tajikistan)
Majors: Economics, Business Administration
Analyst for Virtual Strategies, Washington, D.C.

Junu Shrestha ‘01 (Nepal)
Major: Chemistry
Ph.D program in Environmental Science, Princeton University, NJ

Jacob Sitati ‘01 (Kenya)
Majors: Economics, Political Science
J.D./L.L.M. program in International Business and Trade Law at John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL

Khurrum Ahmed ‘00 (Pakistan)
Major: Geology
MWD/LWD Field Engineer, Pathfinder Energy Services, Lafayette, LA

Ramona Angelescu ‘00 (Romania)
Majors: Political Science, Business Administration
Ph.D program in Political Economy/Comparative Politics at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Stephan Dettmar ‘00 (Germany)
Majors: English, French
German stock exchange (Deutsche Börse), Chicago Board of Trade, IL

Daniza Monroy ‘00 (Peru)
Major: Special Education
Special Education Teacher, Holland High School

James Sitati ‘00 (Kenya)
Major: Engineering Science
Ph.D program in Chemistry, University of Chicago, IL

Miroslava Mateev ‘99 (Bulgaria)
Major: Japanese
Admissions Officer for Ellis College of NYIT

Fabiola Monroy ‘99 (Peru)
Majors: Spanish, International Studies
Airfreight Division of C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc, Chicago, IL

Nikolai Petrakov ‘99 (Bulgaria)
Majors: Business Administration, Economics
Investment Analyst for Hewitt Financial Services, Hewitt Associates, Chicago, IL

Reiko Sagioka ‘99 (Japan)
Major: Communications
Multicultural Market Specialist, ABC Television, New York, NY

Nasser Al-Faqih ‘98 (Palestine)
Major: Business Administration
Palestinian Agricultural Association

Jalaa Abdelwahab ‘97 (Palestine)
Major: Biology
Tuberculosis Epidemiologist, Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA; Cairo, Egypt

Alina Boyadjieva '97 (Bulgaria)
Majors: Business Administration, German
Customer service representative, Human Resources at Miller SQA, Holland, MI

Amer Madi ‘97 (Palestine)
Major: Business Administration
Program Management Officer, United Nations Development Programme/Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP)

Muturi Muriuki ‘97 (Kenya)
Major: Engineering Physics
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Nobuyuki Shimizu ‘97 (Japan)
Majors: Math, Psychology
Ph.D program in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science at SUNY Albany, NY

Tomislav Skarica '97 (Croatia)
Majors: Music, Business Administration
Practical training in video production in Los Angeles, CA

Kremena Todorova ‘97 (Bulgaria)
Major: English
Ph.D program in English Literature at Notre Dame University, IN

Naomi Tsukamoto ‘96 (Japan)
Major: Psychology
M.F.A. in Ceramics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Ventzislav Ivanov '95 (Bulgaria)
Majors: Economics, Business Administration
Ph.D program in Economics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Phumla Mazamisa ‘95 (South Africa)
Majors: Political Science, German
Deputy Director, Office of the President, Johannesburg, South Africa

Aditi Sharangpani '95 (India)
Major: Chemistry
Ph.D program, Medical College of Wisconsin

Martin Beierl ‘94 (Germany)
Major: Pscyhology
Head Psychologist of “Mut zur Zukunft,” Germany

Junichiro Matsumuro ‘93 (Japan)
Major: Sociology
Chief, Service Section, Osaka International Convention Center, Japan

Joseph "Cobbie" DeGraft '87 (Ghana)
Majors: Political Science, History
Attorney in private practice specializing in construction law and government contracts, Washington, D.C.

Yuichi Kida '87 (Japan)
Major: Business Administration
Vice President and Trader of Bonds, Fixed Income Trading Division, Tokyo, Japan

Minako Yoshikawa '86 (Japan)
Major: Social Studies Composite
Working for an international investment company, Hong Kong

Solomon Gizaw '85 (Ethiopia)
Major: Religion
Missionary pilot in Ethiopia with Missions Aviation Fellowship