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 Welcome to Hope College

Health Care and Insurance

Helpful guidelines to help you in your preparation to study in the United States.

  • Health Care for International Students

Hope College maintains a Health Clinic staffed by both nurses and physicians for student needs during the school year. If an international student needs urgent health care in the evenings, on weekends or during the holidays, 24-hour care is available from Dr. Mark Stid, a local physician, and his colleagues. Thus provision is made for medical care for international students regardless of the school calendar. During our international student orientation, we will review the details and you will receive a medical care instructions card to keep for reference.

  • Medical Records

All students are required to provide the College with a health history form. In order to complete this form, please click here and sign in with your 1Hope email account. Please do this before arriving at Hope.

  • Immunizations

Certain immunizations are required of all Hope College students in order to register for classes.  The Health History form designates which immunizations are required andhow many doses are needed to complete the requirments. During orientation, all students will be tested for exposure to Tuberculosis (TB). We require that you have this test done here at Hope College upon arrival. Please do not have the test done in your home country before departing for the U.S., as we cannot accept these results. Click here for a letter from the Hope Health Center about the TB test.

  • Health Insurance

If you have valid health insurance that provides coverage while studying in the United States, you must complete the on-line waiver form. However, please do not assume that your insurance provides coverage, investigate carefully with your insurance company prior to completing the waiver.

If your insurance is not valid in the United States, or if you do not have health insurance, you are required to purchase the Student Insurance Plan. The description of benefits and exclusions of the Student Insurance Plan can be found here.

If you do not submit a waiver, nor purchase the plan, you will automatically be enrolled in the Student Insurance Plan. It will be helpful for our processing if you either waive or purchase insurance, rather than being automatically enrolled.

  • Finding a Physician

Both the nurses at the Health Clinic and Dr. Kristen Gray, Director of the Counseling Center, would be happy to arrange a cooperative oversight relationship between your physician and a physician/specialist here. If you would be interested in this, or would like more information about it, let Habeeb Awad know. Since both the Health Clinic and Counseling Center are closed for the summer, Habeeb will forward your request to the appropriate person so you can pursue your inquiry directly. If you prefer, you can wait to make your inquiries during International Student Orientation.

  • Bringing Your Prescriptions

If you want to bring any prescription medicine, your physician or pharmacist must:

  • Identify in English the drug(s) by name.
  • Identify in English the dosage requirements (strength/amount to be taken, frequency, special instructions -- e.g. with or without food; limit exposure to direct sunlight).
  • Identify in English the reason it is being prescribed. (Many drugs are used to treat two or more different conditions.)


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