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 Off-Campus Study: Application

Guidelines for Applying

All students planning to apply for an off-campus study program must complete a two-step application process.

1) Submit a completed Off-Campus Study Application to the appropriate faculty program representative or office listed below. Applications can be picked up in the Fried International Center in the MMC.

All International Programs
Fried International Center
Borders Program
Fried International Center
Chicago Semester
Sander deHaan, Modern Languages
Newberry Library Seminar
Anne Heath, Art History
New York Arts Program
Daina Robins, Theatre
Oregon Extension
Jim Allis, Philosophy
Philadelphia Center
Linda Koetje, Communications
Oak Ridge Science
Jon Peterson, Geology

Deadlines for Off-Campus Study Applications are as follows:

Fall Semester 2016 and
Academic Year 2016-17
February 1, 2016
Spring Semester 2016 October 1, 2015

Download the Off-Campus Study Application.

2) After approval for studying off-campus has been granted by the Off-Campus Programs Committee, candidates need to submit a completed program application with all the necessary parts. These parts vary by program; be certain you know what is required for your specific program. Information and complete application forms are in each program brochure and website.

Submit the program application to the same faculty program representative or office as listed above. For international programs, please have all parts of the program application (including an official transcript and any recommendations) sent to the Fried International Center. We will forward your application to your program.

Deadlines for program applications are as follows:

Fall Semester 2016 and
Academic Year 2016-17

March 1, 2016*
Spring Semester 2016 October 15, 2015*

It is your responsibility, as a Hope College student, to submit both a complete Off-Campus Study Application and a complete program application. Given the number of students we work with, it is not possible for us to track down missing parts of an application for you.

*NOTE: Some programs have earlier application deadlines. If this is the case for the program to which you are applying, please follow the earlier deadline.

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