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 Planning to Study Off Campus

The Steps You Need to Take

So, you are considering studying off-campus... you might find the following steps helpful in planning your semester/year off-campus.

1. Chat with a Study Abroad Peer Advisor

Stop by the Fried International Center in the MMC, talk with a study abroad peer advisor, and pick up an application for off-campus study.

2. Meet with Academic Advisor

Meet with your Academic Advisor and map out your four-year plan to include a semester or two off-campus and determine what program best meets your needs.

3. Choose an Off-Campus Program

Explore your many options! Hope students have access to over 200 program sites around the world. In selecting an off-campus program, consider....

  • How will this experience enhance my major/minor?
  • What course requirements do I need to fulfill while being off-campus?
  • What semester/academic year works best into my four-year plan?
  • What is the educational system like in the host country?
  • Will I be living with a host family or in student housing? Will I be in an apartment with local and/or American students?
  • What are the program dates and the length of the program?
  • What are the program requirements and am I eligible for these?
  • What are my language skills? Is this program appropriate for my language abilities?
  • Can I afford to live in this country for five to six months or for a full academic year?
  • What scholarship opportunities are available for off-campus study?
  • Should I consider an internship?
  • What extracurricular activities and travel does the program offer?
  • Do I prefer taking courses with other American students or do I prefer to direct enroll in local university course?

Visit each official program site for "subject" searches.
This will help you determine if your field of study is available in the country of your choice!

4. Check Financial Aid Status

For information about how study off campus may impact your financial aid please visit this page. If you continue to have questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

5. Complete Off-Campus Study Application

After determining the best time for you to study off-campus, complete the Off-Campus Study Application. Submit international study applications to the Fried International Center. All domestic applications should be submitted to the on-campus program representatives (see application). Application deadlines:

Fall 2016 & Academic Year 2016-17: February 1, 2016
Spring 2016: October 1, 2015

6. Get that Passport Ready!

If participating on an international program, it's never too early to apply for a passport (or make sure it's still valid).

7. Complete the Program Specific Application

Once your application to study off campus is completed and approved, submit the program specific application to the Fried International Center (or your on-campus program representative for domestic programs).

8. Attend the Orientation Session

Plan on attending the mandatory orientation session as scheduled by the Fried International Center.


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