Spring Semester Booklist [Draft Version]

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This boolist is a rough draft for use in estimating book buy-back options and approximate course costs for the Spring Semester. There will be many changes including ISBN numbers and pricing updates as we recieve the actual textbooks during Christmas Break. The Bookstore cannot be responsible for any non-Bookstore purchases based on use of this information. A revised booklist will be posted on January 2nd with all the subsequent changes.

The following booklist contains both required and optional titles for Spring Semester 2013. Books with an "n/a" price indicates we have no pricing information on that item. Used books may not be available for every title and prices are subject to change. All titles are REQUIRED unless specified as OPTIONAL (OPT). Posted: December 09, 2010.


                     Book List for Spring Term
                       Academic Year 2012-13
                     Last Updated:

 The DRAFT LIST WILL BE POSTED DECEMBER 7th For the Start of Buy-back.

                          END OF LISTING
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