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Book Buyback

BUYBACK BEGINS Friday, April 29
and runs through Monday, May 9, 2016.

The best prices will be paid for books being reused for classes next semester, but the Bookstore will buy any book having value to us or a wholesaler.

At the end of both the fall and spring terms, the Bookstore buys back current editions of titles that have been reordered for use in the upcoming term.

Limits may be imposed on particular titles if quantities bought back are likely to exceed the estimated need. The Bookstore pays up to 50% of the purchase price for titles to be used at Hope the following semester. Current edition books not used at Hope may be sold through the Bookstore to a used book wholesaler for prices typically 15% to 30% of the original list price. Due to edition changes or lack of national resale market some books will not have any resale value regardless of their original purchase price.

Please do not purchase your books with the expectation that you will get something back for them at buyback. We are happy when we can buy back your books, but it is unrealistic to expect that we can buy all, or even most of them. There is never a guarantee that textbooks purchased by students will be used again by any instructor anywhere in the country. The real value of a book is obtained in using it for a class--if it can be resold when no longer needed, that is a bonus.


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