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Buyback Titles with Low or No Value

The following list contains titles that either (1) have no buyback value (usually because they are going into new editions) or (2) are being sold to the used book wholesaler because they are no longer being used here on campus. This list is not complete for several reasons nor is it meant to guarantee that all other books will be bought back. We only put books on this list if the indications are that it will not be used at Hope College again in the forseeable future. Old editions are sometimes difficult to track. We usually only know about them from books actually ordered by professors for the next term, so we may not know about particular books until they show up at buyback.

We will be updating this list as we get more book orders from professors. We hope you find it a useful informational tool. Last Update: 04/23/2014

Buyback is currently CLOSED
The next buyback will be December 5 through 12, 2014.




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