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Coupons can cover a variety of expenses such as lab fees, equipment rental, supplies distributed in class or copying fees for material that falls in to the spontanious or one-time use category. If you have questions about fair use of copyrighted materials, please refer to CIT's copyright guidelines. Coupons are a good way to cover copying costs if you are trying out material for a future coursepack, or suspect you will find timely material over the course of the semester that you want to incorporate into class. Coupons are not intended to replace coursepacks.  

If you decide to use a coupon in your class, you just need to include the information on your textbook adoption form. Craig Thelen, our textbook manager, simply needs to know how much money you wish to receive for each coupon sold. The bookstore generates the coupons, which will be sold to the student at a retail markup price. About five weeks into the term we count the number of coupons sold and credit the specified account number. If you have questions, please contact Craig at or extension x7381.

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