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Faculty Services

Textbook Orders

As a general rule, textbook adoption forms are due at the bookstore on the following schedule: (Click the links below for printable order forms)

The bookstore has partnered with VERBA Software to provide an online textbook adoption tool to help streamline the book adoption process. If you are teaching a class(es) at Hope College you will receive a personalized e-mail from the bookstore listing the course(s) and section(s) you are teaching. Simply follow the online process to submit your book orders.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Craig Thelen, Bookstore Director/Textbook Manager at X7381 or by e-mail at

Please refer to the following guidelines:

Partial orders are welcome. It is essential to know what books you are intending to reuse, both for book buyback and for overstock returns. Do not order a title if you are in doubt about its use.

  • Use one form per course.
  • If you do not need books for your course, please tell us!
  • Remember to supply complete information, including your best estimate of class size, and sign the form.
  • Please do not use the phrase “same as before”!!!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Craig Thelen, our Textbook manager, at x7381 or by email at

Campus Publications

In addition to textbooks, many professors now use campus publications to provide materials and information to their students. There are three different types of campus publications supported by the bookstore to meet varying academic needs: Departmental publications, coursepacks and coupons. Please see our campus publications page for more information.

Desk Copies

We do not factor desk copies into our textbook orders. If you need a desk copy, please order them directly from the publisher. If you anticipate needing to borrow any titles from the bookstore before your copies arrive, please indicate that information on your textbook adoptions form.

Student Textbook Reorders

The bookstore does not automatically re-order textbooks that we run out of at the beginning of the semester. We purchase only what the actual enrollment numbers predict each class will need. If the enrollment of a particular course fluctuates during the drop/add period, and some of your students find that required titles are sold out at the bookstore, please encourage them to contact us so that we can place a rush order for the books they need.

Faculty Academic Regalia

The bookstore works with Jostens to provide Hope College faculty with caps and gowns for official college events, such as Baccalaureate and Commencement. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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