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Business Services and the Hope-Geneva Bookstore have established a system which allows full-time students to charge textbooks, supplies and other bookstore purchases directly to their student accounts.

Bookstore charges will appear on your account as the total of the transaction along with the date and receipt number, for example:

8/31/10, Bookstore HG-0584020, $234.37

Those charges will be included in the total amount due on your monthly statement and must be paid in full by the statement due date. (Note for Hope payment plan participants: the actual statement amount due will be calculated each month based on the terms of your specific plan.)

Please be aware that failure to make the full payments of Bookstore purchases as indicated above will result in LOSS OF STUDENT CHARGE PRIVILEGES AT THE BOOKSTORE. At that point all future Bookstore purchases would need to be paid by cash, check or credit card.


1. What if I haven’t gotten my ID card yet? For Freshman or Transfer student customers who haven’t been issued an ID yet, the Bookstore can often process charges with another picture ID and student number. In January, however, this flexibility may not be possible due to the campus shutdown and limited access to the necessary data.

NOTE: After the drop-add period all students must have their cards to make purchases. Please report lost or stolen cards immediately to the Registrar’s Office.

2. Are there any limitations on types of purchases? No.

3. Do I still need my receipt for returns? Yes, although there is a record of your purchases it is not available at the cash register. Returned items are credited back to your account.

4. What if I have questions about my statement? Your monthly statement from Business Services will list your Bookstore purchases. Please save your receipts if you wish to verify your charges each month. If for some reason you think they don’t balance, please contact the Bookstore.

5. Does using my card affect my Financial Aid award? No, any extra Financial Aid money on your account will be applied to Bookstore charges just like any other charge on your account. You may wish to leave award money on your account if you plan to use your Bookstore charge.