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New Student Information

Welcome to Hope College! We are looking forward to your arrival on campus in August. In the meantime, we’d like to offer some information about how to get the course materials for your classes at Hope. We know there are lots of sources as well as conflicting information about how best to save money. We want your business and we believe our Bookstore can offer you some distinct advantages. By shopping with us you can enjoy confidence and convenience at competative prices. (See below for details).

Getting Started...

Below are links to additional information as well as answers to common textbook questions, all of which are aimed at making you better consumers and hopefully reducing the overall cost of your textbooks.

Finding Your Textbooks (booklists and shelf cards)
When to buy textbooks
Textbook Reservations
(available through Sunday, August 23)
Payment Options
Texbook Refund Policy
Publisher Access Codes
Coupons & Coursepacks
Book Buyback
E-books & Digital Readers


All textbook purchases made from the Bookstore are guaranteed against course cancellations, dropped classes, last minute title or edition changes as well as damage or defect. See our refund policy for details.


We have everything you need in one convenient location in the center of campus. The Hope-Geneva Bookstore has been serving Hope students for over fifty years with the direct knowledge of what materials our faculty want students to have and we are committed to stocking those books and supplies. Any Bookstore purchases can be charged directly to your student account by using your HopeCard.


Hope College chooses to operate its own Bookstore with a goal of providing required books and materials at a reasonable price. All Bookstore revenues stay on our campus, a portion of which supports the Geneva Scholarship Fund for international students - hence the “Geneva” in the Bookstore’s name. The rising cost of textbooks is a major concern for today's student and we believe used books are often the most cost effective option. Used books typically offer savings of 25% or more so the Bookstore works closely with our faculty to get timely adoptions which allow us to operate a robust book buyback program at the end of each semester. In addition, the Bookstore searches the used book market early and often to obtain as many used books as possible. On average, 40% of the textbooks sold at the Bookstore each semester are used copies. Reusing textbooks also encourages sustainability, saving money and trees!

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