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Textbook Information

The Hope-Geneva Bookstore serves students by providing the textbooks, reference books, materials and supplies that are required or recommended for course use. Our goal is to have the right quantity of the right books at the right time. This involves handling more than 23,000 books from hundreds of publishers for over 300 faculty members. Enrollment variations, publisher backorders and other natural calamities will occasionally cause us to run short of books. In these cases, we will rush order books for those students still in need. Please ask if you can't find the title you need since we don't automatically order out-of-stock books.

Finding Your Textbooks (in store and booklist)
When to Buy Your Textbooks
Refund Policy (Course Materials)
Rush Re-Orders
Defective Books
Book Prices
Used Books
Publisher Access Codes
Coupons & Coursepacks
e-Books and Digital Readers

Finding Your Textbooks

Textbooks are arranged on the shelves in the textbook section alphabetically by department, course and section number (e.g. ENGL 100-01). Be sure you have a copy of your schedule when looking for books since section numbers do matter for some courses.

If you would like to see a list of the books for a course you can check our online booklists. Typically booklists are posted two to three weeks before the term starts. The number of revisions made prior to that date makes it impractical to post the information sooner. After the list is posted, changes are made as we receive updated information and prices are current at the time of posting. Click to see booklists that are currently available. The Summer Term booklist is now available.

When to Buy Your Textbooks

Textbooks for Spring Semester go on sale at the Bookstore this year on Monday, January 4th. If you live in the area and wish to buy books early you are welcome to come and shop. However, you do not need to have course materials for classes until after you arrive on campus for the start of classes. Some students prefer to wait until attending class before purchasing their textbooks.

Refund Policy (Course Materials)

Please read this policy prior to purchasing course materials.

MAY TERM: 5/11/2016
JUNE TERM: 6/8/2016
JULY TERM: 7/7/2016

All course materials refunds are subject to the conditions below:

  1. Returns must be accompanied by a current register receipt.
  2. New books or materials must be in mint condition.
  3. Student I.D. is required.

100% Refunds (No-Fault): If you drop or change a course, or if you have purchased the wrong book, a full refund of the purchase price is given on all course materials during the Drop-Add period. A validated Drop Slip or Class Schedule is required.

90% Refunds (All Others): You may also return a book for any other reason (i.e., don't need it, bought another somewhere else, etc.), however, there is a 10% restocking fee which is used to cover return shipping costs to publishers for leftover books. No Drop Slip or Class Schedule is required but the return must be made by the REFUND DEADLINE.

Do not open or use ONLINE ACCESS CODES if you might possibly need to return the item for a refund. If taking a language course, wait until you are certain you will not be moved into another level of the course before using any such code.

Course materials purchased after the Drop-Add period are non-returnable unless purchased for the second HALF-SEMESTER courses. They may be returned during the DROP/ADD period for those courses ONLY IF THE COURSE IS DROPPED.

Please review the information cards handed out during book rush and SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!

Why a Restocking Fee?

With multiple online sources available to our customers, the Bookstore needs to reduce costs to stay competitive. A growing expense for us is the cost of returning excess stock which includes shipping charges as well as publisher’s penalty fees. This overstock most often occurs when students purchase books (especially used books) on speculation and then return them to us after shopping elsewhere. In the meantime we have ordered more books for students who need them and we are stuck with expensive leftovers after the returns period. We recognize students are free to shop as they please but we cannot afford to be a “lending library” for those waiting for their online purchases to arrive or support those snapping up used books just in case they can’t get a better deal.

We feel this policy protects our customers from changes or mistakes beyond their control and allows equal access to used books while helping us more closely match our inventory to anticipated sales. If you have any further questions about this policy feel free to contact us.

Rush Re-orders

If the Bookstore runs out of a textbook, we do not automatically re-order. PLEASE ASK at the Book Desk (in the back of the store, near textbooks) and we will help you fill out a Textbook Want Card. We will place a rush order for your book and contact you as soon as it arrives.

Defective Books

Defective books will be replaced immediately. Both new and used books are guaranteed against defects, however, replacement of used books is subject to their availability. In cases where only new books are available, the customer will have to pay the difference in price between the new and used copies.

Book Prices

Textbook prices vary widely depending on your major and year of study, but expect to pay anywhere between $250-$400 per semester. Pre-med and nursing students will generally pay more whereas some humanities students may pay less. It is a reality that textbooks are not cheap. They are expensive to produce and compared with "bestsellers" they have a relatively small student-based sales market. Books at the Bookstore are sold at competitive prices and we welcome comparative shopping.

Used Books

The Bookstore does not have any choice about the titles or prices of books ordered for courses. We can, however, offer used books at substantial savings to students. The Bookstore actively seeks to obtain as many used books as possible, often by dealing with four or five national used book wholesalers.

The best source of used books is still our own students. If you do not choose to keep a textbook as part of your permanent library, please consider selling it to the Bookstore during buyback at the end of each semester so it can be recycled to another student looking for textbook savings.

Publisher Access Codes

A recent component added to some new textbook packages are online “access codes” that allow students to log on to a publisher’s website and access additional content. If a professor requires that content for a course, the Bookstore will purchase new textbooks that include the code. In some cases the code can be purchased separately but be aware that used books and most rentals may not include that code. In many cases the publisher sells the code for a disproportionately high price which means used books are not an economical option. When possible the Bookstore will provide used book packages containing new access codes for a cost savings.

Coupons & Coursepacks

Some items sold at the Bookstore are unique to Hope College and will not be available from online sources or other bookstores. Coupons for specific courses are sold through the Bookstore in varying amounts for items or services provided in class. These may be additional handouts, lab materials, periodical subscriptions or to defray the cost of specialized equipment. Coursepacks are compilations of materials from books, magazines or other sources that allow a professor to create a customized “book” for a class. The Bookstore pays copyright fees attached to the material as well as actually creating the publication. When the same coursepack is reused by the professor it can be sold at book buyback.


The Bookstore offers textbook buyback several times each year, with the largest buyback occurring at the end of each academic term during exam week. The Bookstore buys back books being used again by Hope faculty for the subsequent term at great prices (often 50% of the new price!). If the book isn't being used, or when the quota is filled, wholesale (national market) value will be offered. Buyback dates are posted well in advance on both the website and on bulletin boards around campus. See Buyback for more information

e-books & Digital Readers

There has been a lot of media coverage lately regarding the current crop of e-readers such as the Kindle, Nook and iPad. While sales of e-books for these readers has overtaken actual printed books in some categories (fiction, bestsellers, etc.), a similar trend has not developed for textbooks. Digital textbooks are only beginning to gain popularity and at a very slow rate. Although some of the issues are on the production side (conversion costs, copy protection, etc.) much of the resistance has come from student customers. In national surveys, the majority report they simply don’t like to study using e-books as compared to traditional textbooks. As a result, few Hope titles are “adopted” (chosen) by faculty in e-book form and there is no single reader that has been chosen as a campus platform. All current e-books are used primarily on laptop or desktop computers.

Educational Value

Finally, don’t minimize the educational value of your textbooks. Hope students are paying thousands of dollars for an excellent education and faculty feel that textbooks are an integral part of that process. Save money where you can but don’t short your education by going without the tools you need.

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