Color Palette & Typography

Primary Colors

Orange and Blue are Hope’s primary brand colors. Orange or Blue must be present in every layout with the exception of black and white media. These colors can be used in a variety of elements, including but not limited to type, photography, texture, graphics and the logo.

Secondary Colors

The secondary color palette is based on colors in the rose window of Dimnent Chapel and also reference elements unique to the Hope experience. Secondary colors are an expansion of the color palette and should never be used without the presence of the primary brand colors.


Each color has a range of tints that may be used. The range was chosen based on several criteria: whether the tints hold true to the original color, whether the color is too light for use in print, and its overall aesthetic. Hope Orange (PMS 166) is the only color that may not be used as a tint.



The primary typeface for headline and subheads/callouts is Verlag. 

The primary typeface for body copy and text on letterhead is Baskerville. 

The primary display typeface is Clarendon BT.