2014 Critical Issues Symposium #HopeCIS



2014 Critical Issues Symposium

Schedule of Events


Opening Keynote: Douglas Rushkoff - 7 PM, Dimnent Chapel

Who is on Team Human? Programming the Future, with People in Mind


Morning Keynote: Gloria Mark - 9 AM, Dimnent Chapel

Coming of Age (Digitally): Stress and Multitasking in Everyday College Life

Digital Short Stories - 10:30 AM, Knickerbocker Theatre (Scroll down for topics)

Focus Sessions - 1 PM (Scroll down for topics & locations)

Department Sessions - 2:15 PM (Scroll down for topics & locations)

Digital Short Stories

10:30 AM

Digital Short Stories are presentations between 8 - 10 minutes long; the sharing of personal stories centered around the effects of technology on life

Location: Knickerbocker Theatre




Ernest Cole

John Knapp

Ben Lichtenwalner

Gloria Mark

Unplugged Study student participants

Focus Sessions

1 PM

Focus sessions are presentations designed to engage a general audience




Locations to be announced shortly

Chad Carlson Bigger, Stronger, Faster: The Use of Technology to Enhance Athletic Performance and its Ethical Implications

Berta Carrasco and Jayson Dibble Unplugged Study

Ben Lichtenwalner Digital Media and Servant Leadership - The Perfect Match

Gloria Mark The Power and Peril of Constant Connectivity

Father Roy Pereira

Department Sponsored Sessions

2:15 PM

Department Sessions are designed to give scholars an opportunity to explore the topic in greater detail

More sessions and locations to be announced shortly

Chad Carlson Human Athletes As High-Powered Machines: The Cultural and Ethical Implications of Sport Specialization and the Consuming Drive to Win

Senior Capstone Course students Software Engineers' Responsibilities in Examining the Impact of Their Products on Society