Critical Issues Symposium #HopeCIS






CIS attendees will receive program detailing schedule, speakers, and session locations



7:00 PM

Opening Keynote Address - Dimnent Chapel

Shibley Telhami - Engaging the Middle East: Understanding the Current Tumult


9:00 AM

Keynote Address - Dimnent Chapel

Robin Wright - Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion across the Islamic World


10:15 AM

Short Stories - Knickerbocker Theatre (Come and go as you can)

8 - 10 minute short talks featuring: Nabil Costa, Yasmin Moll, Ohanes Khacherian, Jessica Korte, Habeeb Awad


11:30 AM

Lunch Break ($6 lunch available at Phelps Dining Hall for CIS guests)


1:00 PM

Focus Sessions - concurrent, various locations

Gary Burge - Thinking Creatively about the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Location: Maas Center Auditorium

Nabil Costa - The Refugee Crisis in the Middle East and the Response of the Church

Location: Winants Auditorium, 112 Graves Hall

David Dunford - Title to be announced shortly

Location: Recital Hall, Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts

Douglas Kindschi - What is the Alternative to Religious Violence? A Christian Response

Location: Fried-Hemenway Auditorium, 135 Martha Miller Center for Global Communication

Yasmin Moll - The Revolution Within: Islamic Television and the Struggle for the “New Egypt”

Location: Maas Center Conference Room


2:30 PM

Department and Program Sponsored Sessions - concurrent, various locations

Communication - Speaker: Dagmar Kusa (via Skype)

Path to Peace Leads through the Past

Location: Schaap Auditorium 1019, A. Paul Schaap Science Center


Dance - Speakers: Steven Iannacone and Angie Yetzke

The Body Speaks For Peace: Cultivating Community And Trust Through Movement

Location: Studio 207, 2nd floor, Dow Center


Modern and Classical Languages - Speaker: Majd Al-Mallah

Learning Arabic in the United States: Prospects and Challenges

Location: Fried-Hemenway Auditorium, Room 135, Martha Miller Center for Global Communication


Peace and Justice Minor/A.J. Muste Memorial Lecture Series

Panel of Speakers: Rev John Kleinheksel, Rev. John Paarlberg, Paul Verduin

Strategies For Peacemaking In Israel/Palestine

Location: Winants Auditorium, 112 Graves Hall


Religion - Speaker: Dr. Stephen Kelley

Ancient Christians and Modern Terrorists: Are Christians and Christianity Becoming Extinct in the Middle East Today?

Location: Herrick Room, DeWitt Student and Cultural Center