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Welcome to Hope College and Computing and Information Technology!

As a new student, you may have some questions about the technology resources that will be available to you once you arrive. Below we've compiled a list of pages that should provide some answers. Of course, it's impossible to answer every question here, so you can always contact us ( or 616-395-7670) for more details.

Computer Repair Schedule

CIT provides help to students with connecting their computer to the network and basic troubleshooting.

Computer drop off hours are during CIT's regular business hours which are Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Graduating Students

How to transfer your Hope email to a Gmail account
How to transfer your 1Hope Google Drive files to a Gmail account
1HOPE Email - Moving Contacts

Suspicious Email Activity

In recent months, Hope e-mail accounts had been subject to spam and phishing attacks. Be suspicious of any email you receive (even from another Hope member) that you were not expecting, that asks you to sign in to view a file.

If you notice emails in your Sent box that you did not send, or get bounce-backs or replies to messages you did not send, please check the security of your account by following the instructions here.

CIT will never require that you enter your password into an online form in order to keep your account active, or to increase your email storage space.







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