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Welcome to Computing and Information Technology!

Last week, around 260 of our 5300 Hope e-mail accounts had been suspended after falling victim to a phishing scheme. Part of an internet-wide set of issues, it was suspected that the accounts were phished some time ago and just recently have been used to send spam.

This week, it looks like the attackers are now using their servers to send out spam that looks like it's coming from Hope users. In these cases, Hope accounts have not been compromised again. Instead, the attackers are using the contacts lists that they scraped from the previous week.

CIT has helped over 100 students and employees resolve suspicious logins, so many accounts are still suspended and awaiting reactivation. CIT will keep working to resolve this. The best remedy is to visit CIT in Durfee Hall with ID. If your account has been compromised and you would like assistance, please stop in or call CIT x7670. For general questions please email

If you're not sure if you have been compromised, here are a few things to look for.

CIT will never require that you enter your password into an online form in order to keep your account active.






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